Poster Competition

  • Mini SV Kits

    For those who have submitted requests to-date, kits will be distributed (by KiteMagic) for arrival in the first week of Term 3. If you are yet to make a request, please consider doing so via the link in the 2-page Overview/Rules PDF available at

  • Workshops, Resources and Activities are now live!

    Thank you for your interest in the Statistics, Sustainability, Systems thinking and STEM initiative “Preparing for Industry 5.0 and beyond: Facilitating the cradle-to-career lifecycle”. Key new information:

  • NSPC 10th Anniversary

    In 2023 the NSPC will celebrate its 10th year with increased prizes and free online teacher Professional Learning workshops and student workshops surrounding Statistics, Systems Thinking, Sustainability and STEM. Details are available on this site: visit the Activities page for more information.