Educator PD Workshop Bookings

Free workshops will conclude 20 October, 2023.

To help establish workshop sessions – please tick options in the following online polls you could attend:

Email if no options suit and advise what would.


To ENROL in a scheduled workshop:

(NOTE – additional will be available based on responses to above polls)

1. click the blue ‘SEARCH’ button below

2. Select ‘Book Now’ beside your choice

(if this takes you to a Registration page you likely haven’t completed the 6-minute anonymous pre-workshop survey – you can do so via this survey link)

3. After completing details, the Zoom MEETING LINK will be emailed to you – it is NEEDED on the DAY of YOUR WORKSHOP to enable ATTENDANCE

All times are Sydney time (Daylight Savings from 2 Oct) !

Workshops with 0 bookings within 2 days of the event may be removed

Please log in to enable access – if you have completed the pre-workshop survey the resource will be accessible.

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