Mini-SV Competition Entry

Submit your mini-SV videos and times


  • Teachers must submit on behalf of students
  • NOTE: Please also submit details of students/teams who participated even if they didn’t produce a competitive time, and perhaps haven’t a video uploaded – so we may still provide participation certificates!
  • Simply (in addition to doing the following for those for which you will attach a video and the race times) repeat and upload a Word or Excel file of the list of other students who participated (preferably new line for each name in the file, else comma-separated). Please still enter your name, school name, your email … you can enter “XX” in the other two required fields.
  • Click (with left mouse button) on “Enter Here!” below to open the video uploading window
  • Fill out your details per the field prompts
    • your name, school name + team’s school GRADE
    • your email address
    • team members’ names (separate student names by commas)
  • Enter your race times (first run time, reverse run time, total time)
    • Each in seconds, to nearest thousandth
    • If you only have a total, enter the first two values as 0 (e.g., 0, 0, 32.436)
  • Drag and drop your video file into the upload area
    • or select it from your computer with the “Add Files” button
Enter Here!